On Getting Published

I just signed a contract with Ninestar Press¬†for Witchstone, my Urban Fantasy/Paranormal novella. The story is about Calvin Chang, a witch living in a suburb in Southern California. It features his ex, Selim, who’s got a fiery temper. But Selim’s not hoping to rekindle the flames of their old relationship. He’s in big trouble. He’s the only witness to the death of the city’s magical Court, which controlled all of the magic in the city. Not only do Selim and Cal have to find the Lord of the city, the only person who can control the violent onslaught of magic that will result from the death of the Court, they must also figure out who killed the Court–and why.

Ninestar Press is very professional so far, and their covers are great. I pitched Witchstone to them after #adPit. Since I accepted their contract offer I’ve been in a bit of a flurry of activity, making my website and creating my Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads, among other things.

I’m both excited about and a bit fearful of the process of editing. I know Witchstone needs significant expansion but I’m not good at writing on a schedule (although I did once write 20k in the space of two months so there’s that.) I wrote the story thinking that there needed to be more Asian characters, both in queer romance and in fiction in general, so that won’t change. But we’ll see where this goes.