Author Interview: Brenda Murphy

Brenda Murphy’s most recent release is Sum of the Whole, a contemporary F/F erotic romance. You can read the blurb after the Q&A.

What times of the day are best for writing for you, personally?

Morning is best, but I take what I can get. I have kids so I have to be flexible. I usually write from 9:00am until about 1pm. My brain is cooked by then so I eat lunch, answer email, do social media, etc. I hit the gym before picking up my kids at school. This is pretty much my routine during the school year. Summer time the kids are home with me and I work when I can, but average about an hour or two each day.

Do you write to a playlist?

Yes. It focuses me and when it starts up it is like the starting bell at a horse race, my brain knows it is time to write. It also helps shut off distractions. I have wicked ADHD and music is one of the best ways to focus for me.

Do specific stories/books have specific playlists? Do characters?

Yes, each book has a playlist and each character gets a theme song, and then the rest of the music is chosen to reflect the action/mood of the work. I spend as much time choosing a theme song for each character as other people do choosing a photo for their character sketch.

How do your friends/family/pets handle your writing schedule?

My wife is very supportive, she is an academic and a writer too, so we get how the magic works and work together to give each other time to write. My kids are young but they understand about writing time, although I schedule most of my writing around their school schedule. What is really gratifying to me is the way they will sit next to me and work on their own creative projects.  

Who supported your writing first?

My wife. She has always been my number one fan.

Do you have a group of writing friends? What’s that like?

I have an eclectic group of friends who write including academic, non-fiction, children’s literature, horror, romantic fantasy, and romance writers, traditionally published, hybrid, and indie published. It is great, because even if we don’t write the type of stories we all get the struggles and are able to support each other.

How emotionally entangled do you get in your writing?

After I finished my last book,  One, scheduled for release in November with NineStar Press, I found myself missing the characters and their world. I wanted to start a sequel just so I could hang out with them again. The only solution was to start another novel so I could play with new characters.  

Do you have to have specific conditions in order to write? What’s your work space like?

HAHAHAHA. No. I have kids. I do have an office, and I use it, but I can write anywhere, and have because I listen to music while I write. One of the best things about ADHD is hyperfocus, which means when I’m into what I’m doing you could blow the room up around me and I wouldn’t notice.

About Sum of the Whole, Brenda says: “I once described it to a friend as Pretty Woman with BDSM and lesbians. It is my first novel. It started out as a short story for an edited collection that was rejected. I had a good friend read it and she made some suggestions and that is how Sum of the Whole came to be a novel. Rejections are hard but this one had a happy ending. If it had been accepted it might have taken me longer to have a novel published.  I have been very fortunate to have had rejections that offered helpful suggestions and/or requests for revise and resubmit.”

Jaya Pomroy falls desperately in love with Sarah while vacationing at an exclusive BDSM pleasure house. Unwilling to become Jaya’s possession, yearning for independence, Sarah refuses to leave with her and they part after a bitter fight.

Six years later they meet again. Fighting to leave her past behind, but unable to resist her attraction for Jaya, Sarah agrees to try again. Jaya has to cope with new rules and new roles. When a former client threatens to expose Sarah, Jaya risks everything to protect her.

Can their love survive in the real world filled with vengeful ex-lovers and deadly secrets?

Available now from NineStar Press and Amazon.

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