On Burning Out

I just finished four novellas consecutively in about as many months, each hitting about 20k words. This is, of course, more than I’ve written since I was 16 give or take. And now I’m encountering burn out.

What is there to say about burn out? It sucks. Especially after finishing four long (for me) projects. There’s temptation to try to power through it. But that’s not even possible. The words just won’t come. It’s possible that this is just my depression rearing its ugly little head again. It would suck if that were the case, but at least I would actually be able to do something to prevent it. Kind of. Mostly I just have to ride it out and see what happens. With any luck, I solve the problem before my edits come. If I can’t then I’m in for a world of hurt.

So, what to do when burnt out? Read, I guess, but I’m too spacey to read. Draw, if I could, but my drivers are all dead. Study, maybe. Work helps, kind of.

I guess I’ll go to the beach. Hang out with friends. What do normal people do when they burn out?